BBQ, Bespoke & Rock & Roll: Fluid @ SXSW with WPP & Fender

by / Friday, 17 March 2017 / Published in Uncategorized

Fluid’s SVP of Strategy, Bridget Fahrland was part of a SXSW Panel “Bespoke: The New Mass Production. A Fender hit” this past Thursday, March 16.

The panel discussed how the time is now for mass customization.  Consumer and brand demand for customization has been building over the past few years and now technology and manufacturing is making it possible – and profitable – to create bespoke products at scale. Mass customization can lift brands, challenge retail models and kill off old economic rules.

Joined by WPP’s David Roth, CEO of The Store, and Ethan Kaplan, Chief Product Officer/General Manager, Fender Digital, Bridget Fahrland specifically focus on how brands can quickly enter the mass customization space given today’s front end technology and back end manufacturing process.

If you attended the panel, thank you for joining us! As promised here is the full presentation: Bespoke, The New Mass Production. Questions? Reach out to Bridget directly here.

Learn more about Fluid’s configure platform that makes customization possible for brands like Fender, Oakley, Chaco, Kendra Scott and Wolverine here

Read Fluid and WPP’s white paper “How Mass Customization Makes The Personal Possible” here .