Four Essential Mobile Optimizations You Can Make Before Holiday 2016

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We’ve been hearing for years how important mobile is to eCommerce, but until recently sales on desktop made mobile conversion seem like small potatoes. Not anymore.

According to eMarketer, mobile now influences 45% of all shopping journeys. That’s no surprise given how important our smartphones are to us as we navigate the world. What IS impressive is how much mobile conversion is growing, even at the expense of desktop. Between 2014 and 2015, mobile conversion increased by 33.4% while desktop conversion shrunk by almost 7%.

For eCommerce brands that want to optimize mobile shopping in time for Holiday 2016, Fluid recommends the following best practices.

1. Product First

When evaluating your mobile experience, put yourself in the customer’s place. If you’re on the go, or maybe even in-store, are you in the frame of mind for immersive branded experiences or do you just want to see if they have that cute dress in your size? Optimized mobile sites put product first with large images, multiple images, and easy to find images without unnecessary scrolling.

2. Organize your Buy Stack

Desktop eCommerce has a lot more real estate than a smartphone, so relevant information can be spread all over the screen. On mobile, it’s absolutely imperative to get the most relevant information “above the fold” so shoppers can browse with minimal scrolling. For value shoppers especially, placement of pricing—and discounts—can make the difference between browsing and conversion

3. Leverage the Form Factor

Our smartphones have all kinds of cool native functionality, from tapping to pinching, so it’s really important to leverage these actions in a way that feels intuitive to the customer. This is particularly important when it comes to navigation and search, the two main entry points to product discovery.

4. Easy to Use Checkout

The number one reason for cart abandonment on mobile is a multi-screen, multi-step checkout. However, even multi-screen checkouts can be improved by having a tap friendly buy stack, in-line field validation, and effective error messaging.

Now is the time to begin revamping your mobile experience, learn more about Fluid’s mobile optimization program and increase your mobile conversion this holiday season!

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